Vitalics the ultimate fraud prevention software for small business

Small Business Fraud Statistics


The average fraud scheme lasts 18 months before it is detected


The average perpetrator has worked for the victim organization for 5 years


Globally occupational fraud losses are estimated at $3.7 trillion

Internal Control for Small Business

Vitalics includes 11 different control categories with the convenience of already created checklists, templates and forms so you can save valuable time and money. No more guessing on what controls are important for your business!

Financial Policies and Procedures

Has your CPA told you that you need to set up internal controls for your business and recommends that you segregate job duties? Most small businesses don’t have the budget to hire multiple staff to separate bookkeeping functions and don’t know where to begin on setting up controls. The financial policies and procedure template in Vitalics will make it a breeze! See Pricing page to compare packages

Our Products

Vitalics has several different ordering options to meet your system requirements and budget

Vitalics 2.0 Software

Includes over 130 already created yet easily customizable internal control forms, checklists and templates in a complete desktop application. Learn More

Vitalics Original

Perfect for Mac users who can’t use the software. Includes a 2 hour DVD on business fraud prevention plus all of the forms. Learn More

Vitalics Forms

Vitalics Forms are available as a bundle that includes over 120 easily customizable internal control forms, checklists and templates. Forms are also available as separate packages by department. Learn More
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Is Vitalics compatible with a Mac?

Vitalics is currently not Mac compatible however it will work if you have a Windows operating system conversation software on your Mac. We are working on a Mac version in 2015.

What are the current system requirements for the software?

Please follow the link to read all of the system requirements for the most recent version 2.0. (Vitalics Requirements)

My computer crashed can I download the program again?

In order to receive another download link to access your application file, you must have the email address used to make your purchase or receipt ID. You will receive a download link to get your application file again. Please contact to request another download.

Can I download Vitalics on more than one computer?

When you purchase Vitalics you are issued 3 registration uses for one registration number. The registration is for the business who purchased the software and can be installed on 3 different computers.

What our Customers Say

  • I have been teaching and practicing in the fields of Accounting, Fraud and Ethics for more than 35 years, and I have never seen a resource for small business owners better than Vitalics. Vitalics is a must for any small business, it is easy to use, and based on years of understanding small businesses by the author, and I would highly recommend it based upon everything else I have seen on the market.

    Wayne-Label Wayne A. Label CPA, Ph.D., Author
  • I use this software to help keep all my documents in one place and accessible to the employee who need them. Easy user interface allows anybody to grasp how the system operates. Recommended for all small business's who are taking that next step.

    clayton Clayton Spencer Safety Manager
  • With my full schedule, I have not had the time to consistently review my accounting data. Vitalics has provided my business with the tools that I needed for those important reminders using checklists, creating control projects and helping me with the appropriate approval steps to make sure my company’s accounting is safeguarded.

    225394_173354396048499_1935163_n Curt Moore CΜ Manufacturing Company, Inc.
  • We have been using Vitalics since it first came out. It is a very easy and user friendly system. Putting the system in use gives us peace of mind that we are doing all we can in the area of Fraud Prevention. The system brought to our attention many issues that we had not considered. I have never seen such a complete program in the area of fraud in my 25 years of business. The staff is extremely helpful and will work with you on any questions you have. I have recommended the system to many other business owners.

    acs Laurie Sobel Allied Control Services, Inc.