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Vitalics AP Internal Controls

Version 2.0 accounts payable category includes over 33 customizable forms, checklists and procedures. - Over 130 Forms total

accounts payable controls

Vitalics Accounts Payable Internal Control Framework

Affordable and Easy to use

AP Management Solution

With the Vitalics internal control forms you can modify the templates to fit your businesses accounts payable control objective.

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What's Included

first step

Customizable Forms and Checklists

Easily modify the forms. You can import any Word, Excel or PDF file as well as create your own.

second step

Free Updates on Forms

New or updated forms that download right into your softrware when they become available.

third step

Creating Projects and Categories

The ability to make your own specific AP projects and sub-categories in the improved project manager

Our Other Products

The Vitalics Original - The Vital Internal Control System is perfect for those who don't want to install a software but still want the forms.  The original version also includes a 2 hour instructional video on fraud prevention.  We do still have the CD / DVD available as well.
Get the Forms Only  - Download instantly if you aren't interested in the software or original you can just buy all the forms in an electronic download.
Individual Forms by Category  Buy the Forms by Department.  Perfect if you only need a specific department and not the entire program.

Vendor Control Procedures

Helpful suggestions

Common Payables Fraud Schemes

Billing Scheme Types..

A Shell Company is a fabricated entity with the purpose to commit fraud.  Shell companies are unfortunately very easy to set up and in order for the perpetrator to get away with their shell scheme, they generally have complete control over the accounting functions and are able to approve vendor invoices for payments.


Shell Companies

A pay and return scheme is another type of billing scheme where the perpetrator purposely overpays, double pays or pays the wrong vendor then requests a refund and intercepts the check.

Pay and Return Scheme.

Invoice kickbacks are fraud schemes perpetrated by an employee and the employee's vendor or customer. It usually involves the employee buying goods or services at an overstated price.

Invoice Kickbacks

Bid rigging scheme is a collusive fraud where an employee helps a vendor illegally obtain a contract that was supposed to involve competitive bidding.

Bid Rigging Schemes