Vitalics 2.0 Internal Control System Software


Vitalics is a business fraud prevention system creating internal controls for bookkeeping and accounting.


Vitalics is a simple to use system of internal controls and document management program for smaller businesses. Vitalics was created to help provide the solution for the missing link when there is a lack of job segregation. Vitalics creates accountability and reassurance to the managers, owners, partners, and bookkeeping staff.

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Vitalics System Requirements


Your Vitalics software includes over 140 already created yet easy to customize internal control forms, checklists and documents.


In Vitalics you can create multiple projects for your controls and accounting functions.  Whether the projects are for your business or for multiple businesses, each project can be tailored to the specific business needs.

Whenever we update or make new forms in Vitalics, they are uploaded to the cloud for our customers.  When opening your software, you will be prompted to download new forms if available. 

Vitalics is a one of a kind small business solution for office managers, bookkeepers, accountants and owners by providing accountability for your work and specifically by requiring review and approval of that work .

Vitalics was created to be easy to use. We want our customers to continue with their controls instead of throwing their hands up in frustration.

Vitalics was priced to be affordable for smaller businesses.  We don’t want to break your bank, we want to help you protect it!

Vitalics Internal Control Templates

With over 140 already created yet customizable forms, templates and checklists, setting up your small businesses internal control system is easier than ever! Categories include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Assets, Cash, Financial Reporting, Human Resource and Payroll, Purchasing and Inventory, Notes and Memos, Corporate Minutes and your policy and procedure manual. You can also create your own categories plus create or upload your own forms!

Vitalics Project Manager Feature

You can easily separate your internal control and accounting projects with the Vitalics project manager. Whether you are working on year end accounting for taxes or need to separate an internal control program for a specific branch or department, the project manager feature allows you to create multiple projects by either dragging forms from the internal control template list or uploading your own forms and financial reports. You can easily create and work on all your forms in one place!

Vitalics New and Updated Forms

Your registered Vitalics Software is set up to download any new or updated internal control form, manual and notes directly into your software. This feature automatically populates the form to the correct category ready for you to use.If you have a form idea that you want created, E-mail us the details and we will make it for you!As a registered Vitalics user, you are also entitled to free updates to the software.  Whenever Vitalics comes out with a new updated version, all current users will receive a free update so that they are operating on the newest system available. 



Other Products

Vitalics Original

Perfect for Mac users who can’t use the software. Includes a 2 hour DVD on business fraud prevention plus all of the forms. Learn More

Forms Only Package

Not interested in the complete software application? You can download the forms in a separate package. Learn More

Individual Forms

Only interested in specific forms? You can convenitently download bookkeeping control forms by department. Compare prices

Did you know?

The average cost for a fraud investigation before lawyers are even involved is $15,000. The average cost of an internal control audit and system set-up is about $4,000. If you believe you are a victim of occupational fraud, contact us at Business Fraud Prevention, LLC I would honestly love to save you the money by preventing fraud in the first place. So much more cost effective!

Occupational Fraud Statistics and Fraud Scheme Types ACFE 2014 Report to the Nations

According to the ACFE’s 2014 RTN, U.S. Organizations will lose an average of 5% of their gross revenues to fraud. The association of Certified Fraud Examiners is the world’s largest anti-fraud organization and premier provider of training materials. The entire report can be downloaded at no charge at

Smaller Businesses Rank Highest in Fraud Frequency

Smaller organizations continue to rank highest in occupational fraud frequency compared to larger businesses. The average loss was $150,000 per fraud occurrence.

Corruption Fraud Schemes

Corruption is the most common method of fraud in small businesses with fewer than 100 employees while a billing scheme is a close second.

Lack of Internal Controls

Primary internal control weaknesses showed that “lack of internal controls” were most prominently present in fraud case studies while lack of management review was the next common weakness.

HWhat your software will do

Learn about Fraud with the Instruction Manual
Learn about fraud statistics, common fraud schemes, warning signs and their prevention measures.

Easily create customized projects for your business
With the project manager you can customize your internal controls by quarter, year, or company if you have more than one.

Easily import any Word, Excel or PDF document
Vitalics uses an integrated Microsoft platform. You can import documents and reports saved on your hard drive whether from QuickBooks, Microsoft Office Forms or Adobe.

Document Management Software!
Whether you are using Vitalics control forms or you are uploading your own documents, the document management system creates an efficient and easy tool to work on documents in a specific location. No more searching your computer or server to find files!