Accounts Payable Control Procedures

Vitalics Accounts Payable Procedures Forms

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Vitalics Accounts Payable Control Forms

Accounts payable control forms are a vital part of maintaining your cash flow by managing the accuracy of vendors and their payments. They are primarily used to provide approval and accountability so that bookkeepers, managers, owners have assurance that the payments made by the business are accurate and accounted for on the books and records.

  • ABC_company_profit_and_loss_horizontal_analysis

    ABC company profit and loss horizontal analysis

  • ABC_company_ratio_analysis_example

    ABC company ratio analysis example

  • accounts_payable_check_run_form

    Accounts payable check run form

  • accounts_payable_checklist

    Accounts payable checklist

  • accounts_payable_checklist_12_month

    Accounts payable checklist 12 month

  • accounts_payable_checklist

    Accounts Payable Checklist plus 32 more forms for AP controls

  • Accounts Payable Controls

    Accounts Payable Controls

  • accounts_payable_month_end_checklist

    Accounts payable month end checklist

  • accounts_payable_month_end_checklist_12_month

    Accounts payable month end checklist 12 month

  • accounts_payable_reconciliation_form

    Accounts payable reconciliation form

  • bad_debt_request_form

    Accounts Receivable Bad Debt Request form plus 19 more forms for AR Controls

  • accounts_receivable_checklist

    Accounts receivable checklist

  • accounts_receivable_checklist_12_month

    Accounts receivable checklist 12 month

  • Accounts Receivable Controls

    Accounts Receivable Controls

  • accounts_receivable_credit_card_payment_deposit_form

    Accounts receivable credit card payment deposit form

  • accounts_receivable_deposit_form

    Accounts receivable deposit form

  • accounts_receivable_reconciliation_form

    Accounts receivable reconciliation form

  • Vitalics add new category

    Add New Category

  • Add new forms

    Add New Forms

  • approved_vendor_list

    Approved vendor list

  • asset_reconciliation_form

    Asset reconciliation form

  • authorization_for_background_and_credit_check

    Authorization for background and credit check

  • authorization_to_condense_computer_data_form

    Authorization to condense computer data form

  • automatic_payment_update_form

    Automatic payment update form

  • bad_debt_request_form

    Bad debt request form

  • bank_deposit_checklist

    Bank deposit checklist

  • bank_reconciliation_approval_form

    Bank reconciliation approval form

  • bank_reconciliation_approval_form

    Bank Reconciliation Approval form plus 18 more forms for Cash Assets and Banking Controls

  • bank_reconciliation_checklist

    Bank reconciliation checklist

  • bank_reconciliation_checklist_12_month

    Bank reconciliation checklist 12 month

  • bank_reconciliation_form

    Bank reconciliation form

  • Cash and Asset Controls

    Cash & Asset Controls

  • cash_drawer_reconciliation_form

    Cash drawer reconciliation form

  • cash_flow_reconciliation_form

    Cash flow reconciliation form

  • cash_sales_checklist

    Cash sales checklist

  • change_in_customer_information_form

    Change in customer information form

  • change_in_employee_payroll_information_form

    Change in employee payroll information form

  • change_in_vendor_form

    Change in vendor form

  • check_request_form

    Check request form

  • company_organizational_chart

    Company organizational chart

  • Create a project

    Create a Project

  • credit_card_payment_authorization_form

    Credit card payment authorization form

  • credit_card_reconciliation_approval_form

    Credit card reconciliation approval form

  • credit_card_reconciliation_checklist

    Credit card reconciliation checklist

  • credit_card_reconciliation_checklist_12_month

    Credit card reconciliation checklist 12 month

  • current_customer_review_checklist

    Current customer review checklist

  • current_customer_review_checklist_12_month

    Current customer review checklist 12 month form

  • current_vendor_review_checklist

    Current vendor review checklist

  • customer_black_list_form

    Customer black list form

  • customer_collections_list_form

    Customer collection list form

  • customer_credit_application

    Customer credit application

  • customer_lost_payment_form

    Customer lost payment form

  • customer_outside_collections_form

    Customer outside collections forms

  • daily_cash_receipts_form

    Daily cash receipts form

  • internal_control_program_detailed

    Detailed Internal Control Program Template plus a basic template, risk assessment form and organizational chart

  • disposition_of_fixed_asset_form

    Disposition of fixed asset form

  • disposition_of_inventory_form

    Disposition of inventory form

  • employee_advance_request_form

    Employee advance request form

  • employee_credit_card_request_form

    Employee credit card request form

  • employee_handbook

    Employee handbook

  • employee_roster_form

    Employee roster form

  • employee_roster_template

    Employee roster template

  • employment_contract_template

    Employment contract template

  • expense_reimbursement_checklist

    Expense reimbursement checklist

  • expense_reimbursement_checklist_12_month

    Expense reimbursement checklist 12 month

  • expense_reimbursement_form

    Expense reimbursement form

  • financial-reporting-procedures

    Financial Reporting Controls

  • fixed_asset_checklist

    Fixed asset checklist

  • fixed_asset_checklist_12_month

    Fixed asset checklist 12 month

  • fixed_asset_listing_form

    Fixed asset listing form

  • fixed_asset_payment_request_form

    Fixed asset payment request form

  • fixed_asset_purchase_form

    Fixed asset purchase form

  • fixed_asset_transfer_of_location_form

    Fixed asset transfer of location form

  • fraud_policy_form

    Fraud policy

  • fraud_policy_form

    Fraud Policy Template plus 18 more forms for Payroll and Human Resource Controls

  • Fraud Manual

    Fraud Prevention Manual

  • human_resources_checklist

    Human resources checklist

  • human_resources_checklist_12_month

    Human resources checklist 12 month

  • internal_control_audit_client_checklist

    Internal control audit client checklist

  • internal_control_audit_document_review_checklist

    Internal control audit document review checklist

  • internal_controL_audit_engagement_agreement

    Internal control audit engagement agreement

  • internal_control_audit_report_table_of_contents

    Internal control audit report table of contents

  • internal_control_audit_report_template

    Internal control audit report template

  • Vitalics Control Categories

    Internal Control Categories

  • internal_control_evaluation_form

    Internal control evaluation form

  • internal_control_program_basic

    Internal control program basic

  • internal_control_program_detailed

    Internal control program detailed

  • Vitalics Internal Control Program

    Internal Control Template

  • inventory_access_by_personnel_form

    Inventory access by personnel form

  • inventory_checklist

    Inventory checklist

  • inventory_reconciliation_form

    Inventory reconciliation form

  • inventory_reconciliation_form

    Inventory Reconciliation Form plus 9 additional forms for Purchasing and Inventory controls

  • inventory_transfer_of_location_form

    Inventory transfer of location form

  • inventory_valuation_listing

    Inventory valuation listing

  • job_description_form

    Job description form

  • journal_entry_checklist_12_month

    Journal entry checklist 12 month

  • journal_entry_form

    Journal entry form

  • lost_or_stolen_asset_form

    Lost or stolen asset form

  • lost_or_stolen_inventory_form

    Lost or stolen inventory form

  • manual_check_payment_checklist

    Manual check payment checklist

  • manual_check_payment_checklist

    Manual check payment checklist

  • manual_check_payment_checklist_12_month

    Manual check payment checklist 12 month

  • missing_receipt_form

    Missing receipt form

  • month_end_checklist

    Month end checklist

  • new_customer_checklist

    New customer checklist

  • new_customer_checklist_12_month

    New customer checklist 12 month

  • new_customer_form

    New customer form

  • new_hire_form

    New hire form

  • new_vendor_checklist

    New vendor checklist

  • new_vendor_checklist_12_month

    New vendor checklist 12 month

  • new_vendor_request_form

    New vendor request form

  • owner_checklist

    Owner checklist

  • owner_checklist

    Owner Checklist form plus 13 more forms for Financial Reporting Controls

  • password_file

    Password file

  • Payroll and HR Controls

    Payroll & HR Controls

  • payroll_checklist

    Payroll checklist

  • payroll_checklist_12_month

    Payroll checklist 12 month

  • payroll_disbursement_form

    Payroll disbursement form

  • payroll_month_end_reconciliation_form

    Payroll month end reconcilation form

  • payroll_reconciliation_form

    Payroll reconciliation form

  • peronal_guarantee_template

    Personal guarantee template

  • petty_cash_checklist

    Petty cash checklist

  • petty_cash_checklist_12_month

    Petty cash checklist 12 month

  • petty_cash_journal

    Petty cash journal

  • petty_cash_reconciliation_form

    Petty cash reconciliation form

  • physical_inventory_count_form

    Physical inventory count form

  • probationary_period_agreement_template

    Probationary period agreement template

  • profit_and_loss_horizontal_analysis

    Profit and loss horizontal analysis

  • purchase_order_checklist

    Purchase order checklist

  • purchase_order_reconciliation_form

    Purchase order reconciliation form

  • Purchasing & Inventory Controls

    Purchasing & Inventory Controls

  • ratio_analysis_template

    Ratio analysis template

  • receipt_of_vendor_refund

    Receipt of vendor refund form

  • rejection_of_employee_expense_reimbursement_form

    Rejection of expense reimbursement form

  • rejection_of_vendor_invoice_form

    Rejection of vendor invoice form

  • returned_customer_payment_form

    Returned customer payment form

  • risk_assessment_form

    Risk assessment form

  • Risk Assessment Form

    Risk Assessment Form

  • sale_of_fixed_asset_form

    Sale of fixed asset form

  • sales_commission_request_form

    Sales commission request form

  • sales_tax_bad_debt_summary_form

    Sales tax bad debt summary form

  • sample_internal_control_audit_evaluation_form

    Sample internal control audit evaluation form

  • sample_internal_control_audit_report_ABC_company

    Sample internal control audit report ABC company

  • small_business_fraud_assessment_internal_control_questionnaire

    Small business fraud assessment internal control questionnaire

  • termination_of_employment_form

    Termination of employment form

  • uncleared_check_list

    Uncleared check list

  • uncleared_deposit_list

    Uncleared deposit list

  • vendor_application_template

    Vendor application template

  • vendor_automatic_payment_form

    Vendor automatic payment form

  • vendor_automatic_payment_list

    Vendor automatic payment list

  • vendor_black_list

    Vendor black list

  • vendor_overpayment_notice

    Vendor overpayment notice

  • Download forms

    Vitalics Free Forms

  • Vitalics Instructions

    Vitalics Instructions

  • weekly_sales_form

    Weekly sales form

  • wire_transfer_requst_form

    Wire transfer request form

  • year_end_checklist

    Year end checklist

  • Year_end_W9_1099_list

    Year end W9 1099 list

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Did you know?

The average duration of a billing scheme lasted 24 months before it was detected with an average fraud loss of $100,000. The primary cause was lack of accounts payable control procedures.  The following industries that have a higher risk of for these types of schemes are construction industries, religious, charitable or social services as well as health care and transportation and warehouses.

Common Payables Fraud Schemes Billing Scheme Types

  • Shell Companies
    A Shell Company is a fabricated entity with the purpose to commit fraud. Shell companies are unfortunately very easy to set up and in order for the perpetrator to get away with their shell scheme, they generally have complete control over the accounting functions and are able to approve vendor invoices for payments.
  • Pay and Return Scheme
    A pay and return scheme is another type of billing scheme where the perpetrator purposely overpays, double pays or pays the wrong vendor then requests a refund and intercepts the check.
  • Invoice Kickbacks
    Invoice kickbacks are fraud schemes perpetrated by an employee and the employee’s vendor or customer. It usually involves the employee buying goods or services at an overstated price.
  • Bid Rigging Schemes
    Bid rigging scheme is a collusive fraud where an employee helps a vendor illegally obtain a contract that was supposed to involve competitive bidding.

Vendor Control Procedures Helpful suggestions

Require a Vendor Application
Do you know who your vendors are? Requiring a completed application on all of your vendors can reduce the risks of a billing scheme.
Require invoices, P.O’s and packing slips attached to checks
Never sign vendor checks without all of the proper back-up documentation to prove what the payments are for.
Use a Check Run Approval Form
Make sure your accounts payable check batches are attached to an approval form. This provides accountability on who processed the checks and who signs them giving authorization and final approval.
Secure your checks!
Checks are easily duplicated. Storing your checks in a secure cabinet with protect you from unauthorized use or forgery.